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Welcome to the Supreme Sports Enhancements Affiliate Program –

What is an affiliate program?
Affiliate programs are a type of partnership between a seller and an advertiser.
The advertiser directs visitors to a sellers website and for this the advertiser receives a percentage of the revenue generated from the visitors coming from the advertiser. The advertiser is said to be an affiliate of the seller.

What do I need to become a Supreme Sports Enhancements affiliate?
You are required to be a website owner / influencer with the ability to display advertising banners on your site. You will also be required to sign up to our program which allows us to track sales generated by your website and reward you with commission!

How do I get paid?
You will receive a commission based on all sales directed through your website – this commission will be paid immediately on each successful sale.

Is it safe?
Affiliate marketing is a tried and true way to develop an income with minimal work, simply link your website to ours and for each sale you generate you will be rewarded. We currently have around 20+ affiliate members that are successfully working with us.

How do I join?
Simply click on the link – Join This Affiliate Program from which you will be directed to the 3rd parties site, once you have signed up with them and installed the banners you wish to display you will be on your way.

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