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MyoFUEL is the ULTIMATE Intra-Workout performance enhancing, muscle building supplement!* Infused with the PATENTED form of protein known as PeptoPro, a highly unique PRE-DIGESTED amino acid preparation, STANDARDIZED to contain at least 80% DI and Tri Peptides! PeptoPro is the FUTURE of protein and amino acid supplementation! As a result of its unique properties and characteristics, PeptoPro is absorbed so rapidly and enters the bloodstream so quickly, that it can be compared to literally INJECTING PROTEIN! In fact, PeptoPro has been SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED and suggested to help build muscle WHILE you exercise!*

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PeptoPro is 100% pure pre-digested casein protein. This means that the casein protein has been broken down into small peptides of two or three amino acids. The amino acids in PeptoPro absorb better than amino acids in single form. Delivering amino acids quickly to the bloodstream helps protect the muscles during exercise and reduces muscle damage, while also stimulating anabolic activity.* For instance, in the second hour of exercise, the body gets 5 –15% of its energy from amino acids! Even more importantly, without consumption of amino acids during that time, the body will literally scavenge it from muscle tissue (catabolism), which is why weight-training by itself is indeed catabolic. PeptoPro also exhibits anabolic action by stimulating muscle protein synthesis and supporting nitrogen retention.*

Influence of Amino Acid Absorption

MyoFUEL actually starts building muscle during your workouts! When amino acid levels are elevated during exercise, it actually increases the muscle building potential after exercise.* In addition to maximizing muscle growth after exercise, supplementation with short chain peptides is suggested to promote recovery of muscle force better than regular whey or casein protein.*

Protein for Improving Muscle Force Recovery

PeptoPro is not only absorbed better than whole foods, it is absorbed and utilized more efficiently than even BCAA(Branch Chained Amino Acids) are as well. PeptoPro is THE SINGLE BEST SOURCE OF LEUCINE that you can take. Leucine is the most important amino acid for increasing protein synthesis in the muscles. Each gram of leucine from PeptoPro is absorbed 3x more efficiently than the leucine found in BCAA’s blends!* That’s because amino acid blends are single (free form) amino acids, while PeptoPro amino acids are in peptide form. Just take a look at the comparison below.

Peptides are absorbed 2-3x better than free form amino acids or long chain proteins (whole food) – PeptoPro is the ONLY standardized hydrolyzed protein.

PeptoPro has been scientifically suggested to improve physical performance, increase endurance and stamina, enhance recovery after exercise, and reduce post-exercise muscle damage and soreness.* It is the only form of protein that can provide an instant delivery of amino acids to the muscles, even during high-intensity exercise, leading to increased levels of protein synthesis during and after exercise.*

MyoFUEL is the ONLY product on the market to offer PeptoPro at the scientifically backed dosage of 6,000mg per serving! It doesn’t just stop there; that’s not the only thing that makes MyoFUEL so effective and so much different from everything else available on the market. MyoFUEL also contains EFFACIOUS DOSAGES of each and every ingredient in this extremely methodical formula.*


More reps, more weight, more sets! MyoFUEL is designed to extend and enhance your workouts, providing your muscles with the FUEL that they need in order to perform optimally.* MyoFUEL contains powerful ingredients that work synergistically and independently to increase muscular energy (ATP), endurance, power, strength, blood flow, nutrient uptake, and protein synthesis!*


If you’ve never heard of this ingredient, you will soon. Betaine Anhydrous, also known as TMG (Trimethylglycine), is a remarkable compound, not only for supporting athletic performance body composition, but also for general health and well-being!*

TMG has been suggested to build muscle, burn fat, and increase muscular power! Multiple studies have also linked TMG to enhanced power output in athletes, mostly in terms of anaerobic strength performance. These athletes saw increases in their squat, bench press and bike pedaling power when supplementing with TMG.* TMG is also highly synergistic when taken with creatine. By preventing the production of homocysteine, betaine leads to a higher production of creatine in the body as well as a higher absorption and utilization rate of supplemental creatine because more of it can be used without being broken down.*

This makes MyoFUEL extremely synergistic with products containing creatine, such as most pre-workout products on the market, including our very own “AMPLIFY.” TMG also supports the health of joints and even liver tissue, supporting improved recovery.* In animals, TMG decreases VLDLs, increases muscle mass, decreases fat content.* In the animal husbandry field, TMG is used to decrease fat and increase meat yield. While human studies have just started, TMG is believed to support healthy body composition and support healthy bones.* These effects are poorly understood but well documented.*

TMG has the following additional benefits:

  • Support Positive Mood: By raising level of beneficial SAM (S-Adenosyl-Methionine).*
  • Promote Heart Health: Conversion of homocysteine to Methionine.*
  • Glutathione Elevation: In several different studies, TMG has been suggested to increase hepatic Glutathione, the body’s most important antioxidant*
  • Supporting healthy SAM levels in the liver may help promote the health of the liver.* Significant liver benefits have been suggested in 20 studies.*
  • Longevity Support: As a part of a life extension formula. TMG is suggested to help protect interrogate of cellular DNA through methyl donation.*
  • Methyl Donor Formulations: Along with B12, Folic acid, and Choline.
  • Performance: Due to its bi-polar nature, helps osmotic pressure in cells. For example it is used in salmon farming to protect fish against the problems of changing salt content. In humans, TMG maintains normal cellular electrolyte concentrations despite water and electrolyte losses during exercise.* TMG also helps metabolize fats, which allows the body to burn fat rather than protein or muscle during exercise. The result is less cramping, increased endurance, and better utilization of fat stores.*
  • General Health Support: As part of a formula and exercise program for promoting good health*

TMG is often referred to as a quasi-vitamin because although humans and other animals can synthesize it from choline, it can’t be synthesized in adequate quantities and generally needs to be included in the diet. TMG is a natural methyl donor, and is one of the phytochemicals recently extruded from plants. Being sold since the early 1980’s or prior, TMG is actually a well understood supplement that has no reports of negative side-effects when used in the usual dosages. TMG also helps regulate the methylation process, supporting SAM.*


Citrulline Malate has been scientifically suggested to enhance athletic performance, increase strength and power, increase endurance while reducing fatigue, and improving muscle recovery.* Citrulline Malate is a salt form of the amino acid. The malate, or malic acid, is found in fruits such as apples and enhances the effects of Citrulline. Malic acid takes part in aerobic cellular respiration where oxygen and a carbon compound (acetyl Co-A) are used to produce immediate energy and CO2 in the mitochondria of the cell. This is called the Kreb’s cycle. Malate conditions the recycling of lactate and pyruvate promoting efficient energy production and protecting muscles from fatigue.*

Citrulline Malate reduces lactic acid and ammonia and increases ATP production, allowing your muscles to work harder for longer periods of time! Citrulline Malate also provides extremely powerful “pumps,” due to its ability to increase nitric oxide levels. Research suggests that supplementation of Citrulline actually raises Arginine levels more effectively than taking the same dose of straight Arginine! This uniquely bonded amino acid is one of the key components of the MyoFUEL formula, and works synergistically with the other ingredients to boost performance and build muscle!*


Did you know that studies suggest that even slight dehydration will cause dramatic decreases in athletic performance? Get this: losing a mere 20% of your water stores can reduce your athletic performance by up to 50%! Therefore, it can be argued that the single most important aspect of maintaining optimum performance is HYDRATION. When we exercise, we sweat, which means we lose large amounts of water and subsequently, dehydrate ourselves during exercise. However, drinking more water is not enough; it is absolutely imperative to also intake extra minerals, electrolytes, and phosphates to ensure that you stay as hydrated as physically possible.

That’s why MyoFUEL contains the perfect amounts of electrolytes in order to maintain maximum hydration and optimum performance.* Electrolytes facilitate communication between our brain and rest of our body, as they allow conductivity of the electrical signals. Electrolytes help to regulate muscle contraction, and without sufficient amounts of electrolytes, our muscles can begin to cramp and “fail” because the brain can no longer communicate effectively with the body. MyoFUEL will never allow this to occur! You will never run out of gas! MyoFUEL will provide your muscles with the substrate they need to perform optimally, from the beginning of your workout all the way to the very last rep!*

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