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Omnibolic is a compound that has been clinically suggested to increase protein synthesis at the cellular level while increasing nitrogen retention, promoting lean muscle tissue growth and drastic increases in strength and endurance.* Omnibolic features Ecdybolan™, an extremely powerful and highly unique Ecdysterone extract, standardized for the biologically active Ecdysteroid compounds responsible for producing an anabolic effect.* Omnibolic is the ULTIMATE Non-Hormonal Anabolic!*

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The Absolute Anabolic Power of Ecdybolan™*

Ecdybolan™ is 100% PURE Ecdysterone extract, standardized to contain the scientific ratios of Ecdysteroids, 60% 20-Hydroxyecdysone, 40% Ecdysones. This extract will promote a substantial anabolic effect, without having any effect on the body’s natural hormone production.* Ecdysterone has been tested for its effects on work capacity, immune function, lean body mass and fat loss, among other variables in a number of scientific studies.* The scientififc research surmises that Ecdysterone supplementation promotes increased muscle mass and athletic performance!* Results were further improved when ecdysterone was consumed with protein.*

Increase Protein Synthesis*

Studies conducted in the Soviet Union in 1988 suggested ecdysterone helps “increase hepatic protein synthesis and subsequently promote positive nitrogen balance”.* How does this lead to more muscle mass? Simply: “the more nitrogen your body maintains and the greater rate of protein synthesis, the more mass, period.”* How, exactly, does ecdysterone do this? V. Smetanin, researcher of the Smolenk State Medical Institute in Russia speculates that ecdysterone decreases urea concentration in the body and increases hemoglobin levels by increasing a process called erythropoiesis.* Erythropoiesis is the development of mature red blood cells. This leads to a stimulation of the anabolic process in protein metabolism, which in turn leads to a positive nitrogen balance in the body.

Support Increased Lean Muscle While Reducing Body Fat*:

The most often quoted ecdysterone scientific study was published in Scientific Sports Bulletin by S. Simakin in 1988. The objective of Simakin’s famous study was to determine the effect of ecdysterone on muscle tissue mass and fat mass, while testing for hormonal changes in the subjects. For the study, three control factors were used: a placebo, protein, and ecdysterone with protein. The results were significantly in favor of the third factor. Of the 78 highly trained male and female athletes who consumed just protein, they suggested only a slight increase in muscle mass.

Those who used a placebo lost a slight amount of lean muscle, while those who used protein plus ecdysterone saw an increase in lean muscle tissue with a reduction in fat!* Let me say that again: A reduction in fat and an increase in lean muscle tissue.* Safety testing was conducted during the same time period which saw no difference in hormonal balance. Wow, if ecdysterone plus protein can do this for highly trained athletes, just think what it can do for the average person!*

Increase Stamina, Endurance, And Energy:

Ecdysterone was tested in another study performed in 1986 by B.Ya Smetanin. For this research, 117 highly trained speed skaters between the ages of 18 and 28 were tested for work capacity, body weight, lung capacity and VO2 max. The results speak for themselves: all of the said parameters increased as well as an increase in the O2 pulse max and an increase in the exhalation of CO2.* Basically, they received more oxygen to their cells!* This supports decreasing recovery time, optimizing performance, permitting optimal muscle anabolism and fat reduction.* It also means the athletes using ecdysterone compared to those on a placebo experienced increased stamina, endurance and energy.*

That’s not all! A study conducted using 112 athletes performed by B.G. Fadeev in Russia suggested some very impressive overall results. However, by this time, the results should come as no surprise. 89% of those who supplemented with ecdysterone versus a placebo reported less fatigue, greater performance, more motivation, greater speed, and improved strength.* How long did it take before these athletes reported these effects? Months? Weeks? No, five days. To make matters even better, no adverse side effects were reported.


The Ecdybolan™ extract contained in Omnibolic is a powerful and effective form of Ecdysterone. Ecdybolan™ is 100% PURE Ecdysterone extract, and standardized to contain the scientifically suggested ratios of Ecdysteroids of 60% 20-Hydroxyecdysone, 40% Ecdysones. Ecdysteroids derived from Russian Rhaponticum Carthamoides can produce an anabolic effect.* It is important to note that in the scientific studies conducted, it was the mixture of specific Ecdysteroids that was found to be responsible for enhancement of muscle protein synthesis. The research indicated that the whole extract of Rhaponticum carthamoides containing a mixture of Ecdysteroids possess a much superior physiological activity compared with the activity of purified individual constituents (Seifulla 1999).* Ecdysterone extracted from the Russian herb Rhaponticum Carthamoides may yield the full spectrum of Ecdysteroid content necessary to produce an anabolic effect.* All of the scientific data is based on the studies conducted on Rhaponticum Carthamoides. Thus, any Ecdysterone product derived from the Chinese Cyanotis Vaga or any other plant is completely useless for bodybuilding purposes. Even if you standardized the extract for 99% Ecdysterone, Cyanotis Vaga lacks the OTHER very powerful and biologically active ecdysteroids, so the extract will not yield the proper Ecdysteroid content; we are not extracting for ONE compound, we are extracting for a spectrum of Ecdysteroid compounds: “More recent research has identified 8 ecdysterones, and has confirmed synergy in their combined usage (Baltaev and Abubakirov 1987; Gorovits et al 1974; 1977).

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